Advanced Systems Integrators Ltd.TM


Product Details:

The majority of the Thyristers (/SCRs) that we sell have been pre screened so that they will well exceed the original factory specifications. Some of the part numbers we typicaly stock are the following:

Part Number Diameter Height Height
410403-60BB 2.9" Puck    
410403-58BB TO-200AB-2    

By special order, we can also bring in other less common scrs like the following:

Part Number Package Style Height Height
410403-60AW 2.9"Puck    
410403-58AW TO-200AB-2    

Upon request, we can have the original Relience style connectors crimped on to the scrs.

We also offer a rebuild service which includes:
        - Complete disassembly
        - Parts wash
        - Testing of all components in the scr assembly
        - Replacement of any damaged components
        - If necessary, re-machining of heat sinks due to pitting or warping
        - If necessary, re-plating of the buss bar that the scr contacts.

Before the assemblies are returned, all components are metered and high pot tested. We also complete a load test to verify that every thing is in working order.