Advanced Systems Integrators Ltd.TM


About us:



Advanced Systems Integrators Limited is an electrical drive systems integrator, incorporated in 1996, in the Province of British Columbia, Canada. The company offers specialized services in the field of Variable Speed Drive Systems, Operator Interfaces, and solid state power conversion. The company’s office is located in Surrey, BC, from which it services its industrial clients in the Canada and the USA.

The principals of the company have over sixty years of combined experience in the application, design, manufacturing, and commissioning of drive systems in the Pulp and Paper, Lumber and Veneer, Textiles, Plastics, and Metal industries.

The company is well equipped to provide services such as studies and cost estimates, project management, and scheduling, design, and supply of motors and controls, field services, and commissioning.



The capabilities of present day controls so exceed the requirements of most production machinery, that they should never be the limiting factor of performance, efficiency, or reliability. Yet, these controls and their interface with other disciplines have become highly complex and require specialized knowledge and expertise.


It is the Mission Statement of ASI to provide this knowledge and expertise in all stages, from procurement to final operation, with a team of specialists motivated by the satisfaction of successful performance.



Advanced Systems Integrators Limited provides technical expertise for integrating variable speed drive controls, Man Machine Interfaces, and computer controls into industrial automation projects.

As the president, I have over 33 years experience in the design of variable speed drive systems, with projects spanning everything from automatic gauge control for a rolling mill, plastic extrusion variable speed drives, metal processing lines, textile machines, and more recently, extensive work on Paper Machine, Reel, and Winder Drives.

The projects have included the use of Wonderware InTouch™ for touch screen control of Winders and Paper Machines, providing not only operator control, but also extensive diagnostics and web break reports.

Past developments include “Roll Density Control” for Paper Machine Winders, using the Reliance Automax system. We transferred this technology into the controls for an old existing Beloit Reel section. It has given new life to the machine. Recently we have transferred the code onto the ControLogix platform.

My particular field of expertise is the ability to analyze a machine as an electro-mechanical system, and to modify the design of the components for optimum system performance.

Although most of my work has been on Reliance hardware, I have also worked with General Electric, ABB, Allen Bradley, Eurotherm, Mitsubishi, Rockwell, and several other manufacturers’ equipment.

It is our intention to expand the company to provide a full spectrum of technical services, including the design of Man Machine Interfaces, support in the selection and purchase of Variable Speed Drives, training on the equipment, trouble-shooting of system problems, and innovative solutions to manufacturing problems.

I look forward to working with you to increase the productivity of your machines.

Yours very truly,

W. Glenn A. Wright, P. Eng.